Creating a safe place to explore NFT's in web3


Being part of a growing web3 and metaverse, it’s almost impossible to find the “one true place” where you can freely express yourself. Maybe through art or writing, where you can show your true self without judgement? Some are in it for instant gratifications, some are in it for—well, their own selfish ambitions. What if you aren’t like that? What if you simply want to connect with likeminded individuals?

Ashi is an artist and a creator. She has made many friends online, yet she’s traveling alone in the vastness of the web3 and metaverse. Struggling to find where she belongs, Ashi would join various nft communities that mostly relates to her interests—freelancing, artistry, and even fashion too! She would discover the deceptively alluring pleasures hiding among the dark shadows of the web3 and metaverse, while consequently discovering what kind of dangers await her and how she can be vigilant about it. Ashi learned and she keeps learning, but the selection of communities she trusts and wants to be at has become so minimal. Nothing stuck with her, so she asked herself. What is it that she could be missing? A solid foundation. A place where she can solidly cement her place in the web3 and metaverse, conversing with people and expanding her connections while doing what she loves to do best: to create art and to let herself be known more out there not just in the web3 and metaverse, but to the world beyond that.

Still traveling aimlessly, she hears something that definitely struck a chord.“ We believe in the future of Metaverse and Web3. There is no need to be joined in my experts—simply having artists and creators of different expertise are more than good enough, you know?” And that was from a new project called SHE NFT. She found exactly what she needed there. The SHE development team wants to build a community akin to that of a wonderland for freelancers, new NFT startups, and artists. Beginners and starters are certainly welcome, but those who have had a touch on the web3 and metaverse before may find new insights once they join as well. Aside from a welcoming nft community, there are also many benefits that entail and reward its members for their support. Passive income, insider events, airdrops, and even promotion for your own assets, are all supported within SHE!

Owning a unique piece of the blockchain also means you are entitled to the beneficial powers that come with its ownership. Be excited, because aside from exciting perks that can come along with your membership in the nft community, there are many more deciding factors that can make you feel glad that you’ve become part of such an amazing and welcoming nft community. For some, they are still looking for their place and family they can call feel home at. As for Ashi, she already found it in SHE.


Coming soon! Make proposals and vote on the SHE NFT roadmap and its future technology.

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