The Five Benefits of the SHE NFT Membership

November 14, 2022

Investment in NFTs can land you either into the perfect wealth or it can prove to be a highly risky situation. While diving deeper into the NFT marketplace, you should always focus on getting the most value from the NFTs. That is only possible if you invest in the right NFTs.

Luckily, your search is at an end. SHE NFTs are some of the best NFTs, with innovative value and an incredible community to back them up. SHE NFT's membership pass has several benefits.

a.   Utility-Based NFT

If there is one thing that the bear market of the NFTs has taught, it is that utility-based NFTs are going to not only survive but rather thrive. Amidst this chaos that has been unleashed upon the NFT world, utility-based NFTs are once more proving their worth. SHE NFTs are utility-based NFTs that retain their real-world value, despite facing fluctuations in their digital asset. This utility lends the holder many unique and new features as well as advantages. Chief among them is having access to a functional and thriving NFT-based community.

b.      Community-Based NFT Collection

At the heart of all successful NFT collections, there are two factors that are the most important. One is that the NFT is utility based, and the other one is community. With SHE NFTs, you get both. The community spirit is at the crux of all these NFTs. SHE NFTs maintains a thriving community where the new members, as well as the old investors, can share their ideas and connect to a broader and more functional network. The NFT ecosystem is strongly maintained, along with countless opportunities for others.

c.       Lazy Minting

Lazy minting is when an artist or entrepreneur only purchases the NFT when the sale is on. These NFTs are not available on the regular chain and only get minted after the sale. The artist/entrepreneur doesn’t have to pay any upfront gas fees. As a member of SHE NFTs, you have the option to lazy mint and save your money.

d.   Revenue Splits

All the holders of the SHE NFTs will get the benefits of a revenue split. A revenue split will earn the SHE NFT holders the royalties from the percentage of the sale price every time the NFT creation is sold. You will have to participate in the premint and presales to gain access to the revenue splits. The sales of public and secondary market sales of NFTs will earn you royalties. It is a great opportunity that can add to the passive earning sources of the members. All the investors and entrepreneurs who are members can earn from the revenue streams of sold NFTs.

e.   Early Access Benefits

All the members of the SHE NFTs are entitled to early access benefits. These benefits are updated to add new perks to your digital wallet. Along with these perks, each new development unlocks a unique benefit in the NFT marketplace.