SHE is a 50k PFP generative art collection on the Ethereum blockchain. SHE was founded by women which makes up less than 50% of the blockchain investors in the crypto space. SHE acknowledges women in the web3 and crypto space. However, SHE is not exclusive and anyone can own it. SHE holders believe in the future of web3. SHE seeks to build a strong nft community in the web3 and NFT space by fostering inclusion and collaboration. The SHE community enjoys earning rewards through contests and giveaways, airdrops and staking. SHE is also used for priority access, merch and raising awareness.


The rarities of indiviual traits can be catergorized based on the number of occurences in the collection. Checkout out to find rare SHE NFTs

The unique traits will only have 1 occurrence within the entire collection. Unique traits are super rare adding value to its purchaser.

The legendary traits add more rarirty and scarcity to the collection. Legendary traits occur </= 1% out of the entire collection.

A common trait will appear more often within the collection. Common traits will have a percentage of 10% or more.

The special traits are little less common and will make up approximately 5% or less of the collection.


  • Mouth- 3

  • Cliques-34

  • Eyes - 13

  • Wings-6

  • Butterfly Pal -1

  • SHE Name- 97

  • Freckles-4

  • Tattoos- 10

  • Background -9