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#1 Women in web3 and NFT Community

50K Generative Art Collection on Ethereum, inspired by the spirit of women, inclusive to all 🙏🏼

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Ashi is an artist and a creator. She has made many friends online, yet she’s traveling alone in the vastness of the web3 and metaverse. What is it that she could be missing? A solid foundation. A place where she can solidly cement her place in the web3 and metaverse, conversing with people and expanding her connections while doing what she loves to do best: to create art and to let herself be known more out there not just in the web3 and metaverse, but to the world beyond that. Still traveling aimlessly, she hears something that definitely struck a chord.“ We believe in the future of Metaverse and Web3. There is no need to be joined in my experts—simply having artists and creators of different expertise are more than good enough, you know?” And that was from a new project called SHE NFT. She found exactly what she needed there.

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Women in Crypto: Driving the Web3 Revolution

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Learn everything there is to know in the web3 and NFT space.

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Interact in a friendly inclusive community of other nft enthusiasts and enjoy the benfits.

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Every SHE holder holds a building block to the SHE Galaxy and future economy.

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Build an inclusive SHE holder community, uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds. Forge a platform that nurtures opportunity and fosters collaboration across all experience levels, propelling the versatile adoption of NFTs


Establish ourselves as the foremost authority on NFTs within the web3 and metaverse realms. Empower individuals to manifest their visions and innovate, all while maintaining a conscientious stance on our environmental footprint.


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